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Richard the Third was King of England for a mere two years, during which enough happened (or didn't happen) to keep people arguing heatedly for hundreds of years. Despite the amount of written material, though, little on Richard is available on the net beyond the (excellent) sites of the various Richard III societies and branches thereof. This ring aims determinedly to corral the various other Richard III sites scattered about on the web, and thus indirectly contribute to a more widespread awareness of the questions surrounding Richard.

Sites dealing at all with Richard the Third are eagerly welcomed; they need not be devoted exclusively to Richard, (although that would be wonderful).

However, the following are not acceptable:

Poorly put-together sites:

* deficient in informative or original content, or both;
* featuring egregiously poor grammar or spelling or both;
* featuring colour-schemes that make reading impossible for those who not either colour blind or have 20/20 vision (in such case, simple editing will remove the problem and reinstate the site for consideration).

2. Sites focusing on Shakespeare's play or theatrical or cinematic productions or interpretations thereof. This is meant to be a ring about the man, not the man in literature (though I yield to no one in my love of literature).

3. Sites containing R-rated language, except in the unlikely event they meet my standards of justified swearing.

4. Sites featuring pornography in any degree on any part of the site or having direct links to such sites.

Having said all that, I doubt very much that any of these problems will arise and I look forward to seeing your submission.

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Sites currently in the Richard the Third Netring:

* Teresa's Richard III & Wars of the Roses Page
* Monarchs of England
* Richard III, King of England
* Leicester Research
* Historical Mystery Appreciation Society/Magical Mystery Tour Reviews
* The Richard III Foundation, Inc.

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